FAQ's Recharge

Why take Recharge?

Emotional and mental health are just as important as physical health and they directly affect each other. Having a strong mind is the equivalent of a good immune system, it allows us to cope with the demands and stress of everyday life. Taking the right supplements can help improve our brain function and mood because daily stress can deplete important vitamins and minerals.

That is why at Ganbatte we have created Recharge, made up of a mixture of carefully selected ingredients that help reduce stress and relax the body, improving our sleep hygiene.

Recharge will help you naturally manage stress, reduce anxiety, restore good sleep cycles, and wake up feeling refreshed.

When should I take Recharge?

At Ganbatte we recommend taking 1 Recharge capsule between 30 minutes or 1 hour before going to sleep, since that is the time your body needs to synthesize the ingredients it contains.
*From Ganbatte we recommend that to get the most out of our products, its continuous use is recommended.

Is it a sleeping pill?

No, the ingredients contained in Recharge do not cause sleep, but rather promote recovery, rest and help to fall asleep.