FAQ's Boost

Why take Boost?

Designed to boost your diet and prepare your body every day. Boost is designed to support your body to perform better against the demands of modern life. A smart alternative to coffee for people who feel jittery.
Boost will help you fight fatigue, improve your intestinal health, support your performance and energy levels throughout the day.

Is it a coffee substitute?

Not exactly, what coffee produces in the body is a sudden energy spike, abruptly altering the nervous system. With Boost, what we are looking for is a progressive rise in energy that is maintained throughout the day, thus avoiding sudden changes in the system highly strung.

Can I mix it with anything other than water or juice?

Yes, you can mix it with countless things. We recommend that you do not cook hot dishes with it to maintain all its beneficial properties.

Can I take more than one dose?

No, studies show that excessive consumption of some of the ingredients can be harmful to health. At Ganbatte we have carefully formulated our doses to provide the maximum benefit for you and your body in a single dose.

Does it help me with bloating and digestive health?

Yes, Boost contains inulin, which is a fiber that serves as food for the probiotics that Boost contains and reside in our intestines. This will help us reduce gas production and prevent alterations in our intestinal transit.

is he vegan

No, our Boost product contains probiotics that come from lactic ferments.

Can I consume it if I am pregnant or lactating?

Not recommended in pregnant or lactating women.

How long does it take to notice an improvement?

Boost is designed to provide different benefits that will be noticeable at different times from when you start using Boost. There are benefits that will be noticeable within the first 5 days, such as the contribution of energy or the improvement of intestinal health; and others that will be notable in the medium term such as improved performance.

Who is Boost for?

Designed for anyone looking for a plus in their energy and performance, intestinal support or a quick source of vitamins and minerals.

What is a superfood?

A superfood is a highly nutrient-dense food that is considered to have numerous health benefits.

Can I use Boost and Recharge at the same time?

Yes, our products have been formulated to complement each other.
Our recommendation from Ganbatte:
  • Boost: In the morning to start the day strong
  • Recharge: 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed to sleep soundly